Company History

Gulf Oil in famous for being one of the original members of the seven sisters, the original American oil companies and continues to provide high quality products and services throughout the world. Gulf Oil was founded in 1901 at the time of the discovery of oil at Spindle top, Texas. Gulf promoted the idea of branded product sales by selling gasoline in containers and from pumps marked with the distinctive Orange Disk logo. The Gulf orange disk has grown to an iconic status since in creation, enjoying strong brand recognition with people from all parts of the world. Gulf Oil grew steadily in the inter-war years with the company being characterized by its vertically integrated business activities. Gulf was a strong oil company with operations including exploration, production, transport, refining and marketing. It also involved itself in diversified industries such as petrochemicals and automobile component manufacturing. Gulf has always been at the corner stone of commercial and technical innovations. One of Gulf's initial visionary steps was the introduction of the first drive-in service station in 1911. Other Gulf moves included introducing complimentary road maps, over-water drilling and catalytic cracking refineries.


Such visionary thinking is essential and remains the corner stone for the growth of Gulf Oil. Gulf has experienced steady growth and continued to do so after the company was bought by Chevron for its US operations in 1984. In other parts of the world (non-US) Gulf Oil is widely recognized under the flagship - Gulf Oil International Ltd. The Hinduja Group, a private Indian business family acquired the rights to the Gulf brand after the company was acquired by Chevron in the US.  Today, Gulf Oil International (GOI), part of the Hinduja Group, a private Indian business, is a vibrant oil marketing company with operations in over 70 countries. In the US, Gulf Oil still remains a subsidiary of Chevron, which has licensing agreements with various independent distributors to use the Gulf brand to sell Oil products. Gulf Oil International (GOI) employs the world’s leading technologists and the company’s commitment to producing and marketing the highest quality lubricants in many countries is embodied in Gulf's investment priorities, centered around leading edge research and ongoing participation in global motor racing program which tests Gulf products to the maximum.


This has resulted in the evolution of a family of oils meeting advanced standards of performance in varied operating conditions with OEM approvals and endorsements from many of the worlds leading automotive manufacturers. To improve supply and logistics, Gulf has plants, depots and warehouses in all key markets to bring our products closer to our customers as we aim to deliver on time, every time. Gulf Oil International endeavors to be consistent with Gulf's legacy of being a customer oriented, innovative and visionary company. GOI's vision is evident in unique programs such as Gulf Express in the middle - east and the development of technologically advanced Blending plants in India and China. Gulf Oil International is committed to a strategy of growth and strives to continue to improve the brand for the next generation of customers. But in doing so, Gulf has not forgotten the principles upon which it was originally envisioned of providing quality service and innovative products.

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