Road Safety Tips

Our driving safety tips will help you develop safer habits that can protect you, your passengers, your vehicle and fellow drivers on the road.

We give you the facts about safety equipment, and we keep you informed about the most important driving safety tips and vehicle resources, including how to handle accidents and emergencies, how to keep your family safe when you're on the road, and more.

Driving safety tips and resources include:


Take the Test — Do You Have Road Rage?

Aggressive driving habits can threaten your safety, the safety of your passengers and others driving on the road.

Seat Belts

The seat belt as we know it today has only been around since 1959; however, since it has been introduced into the automotive world, it has been responsible for saving countless lives.


What to do if you’re  involved in an accident

Car accidents can be very stressful. Read the tips below to learn what you should do if you're involved in a car accident.


Items to Have for Unexpected Events;

Often, we don't think about what we need in an emergency situation until we're in one.

To help protect children while they're riding in your car, follow these car seat and seat belt safety instructions.

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